Festive Turkey Curry Ramen- with all the trimmings

It had to be done. What to do with all those leftover bits of Christmas dinner that have been sat in the fridge for a few days? Inspired a little by Bridget Jones’ Mum’s turkey curry buffet, when you’re a little fed up of eating the same Christmas dinner for days after the main event […]

Winter Warming Chilli Chicken Ramen

The perfect way to use up Sunday roast chicken and veg, this has a warming kick of chilli from Korean gochujang paste. For something a bit different, I have used brussels sprouts as a topping. Cook the stock with the chicken bones for as long as possible, preferably a few hours or an hour or […]

Autumn Easy Ginger-Miso Ramen

Now the days are shortening and the nights are feeling chilly, I have created an easy ramen recipe you can whip up after work. Using miso and fresh ginger for flavouring the broth, it is perfect to warm you on a cold evening. Using hoisin marinated chicken for the meat topping was inspired by a […]

Spicy Beansprout Salad

A crunchy, spicy topping for your ramen, this is easy to make and be created in advance so that it is to hand when you are ready to serve.   Serves 2 Ingredients 2 large handfuls of raw beansprouts ½ tbsp. toasted sesame seeds 1 tbsp. sesame oil 2 tsp. light soy sauce 1 tsp. […]

Sticky Soy Chicken

A great basic chicken topping for your ramen, this has a savoury-sweet flavour. Any leftover glaze can be added to your broth for extra flavour.   Serves 2-3 Ingredients 3 skinless boneless chicken thighs 1 tbsp. groundnut oil 2 cloves garlic, peeled and finely chopped 1 inch piece of ginger, peeled and finely chopped 1 […]

Black Mayu

Black mayu is basically burnt garlic oil, cooking the garlic in oil until it turns black. I was very sceptical about this when I first tried making it, as surely burnt garlic will just taste bitter? Although rather pungent when tasted on its own, when added to a broth it creates a smoky and garlicky […]

Halloween-inspired “Van Helsing” Ramen

A dish to ward off the vampires on Halloween (or at any time of the year), this ramen is in tribute to the vampire hunter Dr Van Helsing from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. A bowl of this garlic-laced ramen, with a broth flavoured with black mayu (black garlic oil) and topped with garlic chips, will keep […]

Seasoned Bamboo Shoots

My version of the fermented menma bamboo shoots you find topping ramen in restaurants. When I first had ramen noodles in restaurants I couldn’t work out what the difference was between the crunchy, tasty menma served on top of the ramen and the tins of bamboo shoots I was buying for my homemade recipes. Menma […]

Ramen Egg

Simple in flavour and easy to prepare, yet a great addition to any bowl of ramen, the ramen egg is a salty, slightly sweet topping that you find on many bowls of ramen in restaurants. I fell in love from the first time I tried them and once I found the secret to creating them, […]

Curry Ramen

A curried dashi broth topped with chicken, menma and spinach. I am a big fan of any type of curry; Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian…the list is endless. So combining ramen noodles with a classic Japanese curry roux is always going to be a winner in my books. Again this is inspired by a dish I […]